In both the PC/Mobile game and on Consoles (PS4/XB1), Events occur weekly on Mondays, coinciding with the weekly PvP rank reset.


Events introduce new Troops and/or new Weapons, which are purchasable for Glory in the Rewards tab of the Shop for the duration of the event.

Originally, Events lasted for a fortnight, but became weekly from 18 May 2015 onwards.

On 14 December 2016, game Update 2.2 introduced a weekly Weapon Bundle that makes available an older Event weapon previously tied to the featured Kingdom. A Weapon Bundle pack is featured every week in the Shop, under the Weekly Event tab. Cost is $5 USD each for the Event weapon along with a few miscellaneous consumables.

Currently the $5 Bundle typically contains the Weapon itself, plus 1000 Gold, 400 Souls, 10 Gold Keys, 2 Event Keys, and 25 VIP points.

Event History

Event Name Start Date Host Kingdom Weapon/Troop New Troop/Weapon
Mechanical Mayhem 10 November 2014 Adana Troop Flame Cannon
Tangled Web 24 November 2014 Zhul'Kari Troop Spider Queen
Mischief Maker 8 December 2014 Pan's Vale Troop/Weapon Sylvasi / Sylvasi's Blades
Wreck the Halls 22 December 2014 Divinion Fields Troop/Weapon Ragnagord / Silent Night
Before the Fall 5 January 2015 Pridelands Troop/Weapon Shadow-Hunter / Eternal Flame
Grave Danger 19 January 2015 Ghulvania Troop/Weapon Grave Knight / Withering Touch
Gathering Storm 2 February 2015 Stormheim Troop/Weapon Ice Witch / Frost Reaver
Mess with the Bull 16 February 2015 Divinion Fields Troop/Weapon Bul'Tauros / Bullroarer
Death Walks the Land 2 March 2015 Khetar Troop/Weapon Aziris / Skullblade
Creeping Doom 16 March 2015 Zhul'Kari Troop/Weapon Giant Spider / Spider's Kiss
Heavenly Dragon 30 March 2015 Whitehelm Troop/Weapon Celestasia / Celestial Staff
Clockwork Creature 13 April 2015 Adana Troop/Weapon Tankbot 2000 / Wrenchmaster 5000
Mouth of Madness 27 April 2015 Karakoth Troop/Weapon Cthyryzyx / Farsight Orb
Stonehammer's Vault is Opening 11 May 2015 Khaziel Weapon Fire and Ice
Corrupted Goblin 18 May 2015 Zaejin Troop Hobgoblin
Game of Thorns 25 May 2015 Forest of Thorns Troop/Weapon Green Seer / Nature's Wrath
Dragon Bones 1 June 2015 Khetar Troop Bone Dragon
Spells and Spiders 8 June 2015 Zhul'Kari Weapon Soultrap
Magma Depths 15 June 2015 Broken Spire Troop Terraxis
A Knife in the Dark 22 June 2015 Mist of Scales Weapon Kris Knife
The Bear Returns! 29 June 2015 Maugrim Woods Troop Barbearius
Dragon Season 6 July 2015 Sword's Edge Weapon Order and Chaos
The Summoning 13 July 2015 Zhul'Kari Troop Dokkalfar
Keep an Eye Out 20 July 2015 Ghulvania Weapon Eye of Xathenos
Deadly Blooms 27 July 2015 Mist of Scales Troop Swamplash
Rock Gods 3 August 2015 Broken Spire Weapon Deepstone
KABOOM! 10 August 2015 Zaejin Troop Goblin Rocket
Madness Returns 17 August 2015 Karakoth Weapon Staff of Madness
For the Horde 24 August 2015 Grosh-Nak Troop Elf-Eater
A Shot in the Dark 31 August 2015 Forest of Thorns Weapon Prey Seeker
A Leaf on the Wind 7 September 2015 Pridelands Troop Autumnal Imp
A Bone to Pick 14 September 2015 Khetar Weapon Skull Cleaver
Charmed I'm Sure 21 September 2015 Pan's Vale Troop Faunessa
Chosen of the Sun 28 September 2015 Whitehelm Weapon Sun Chakram
The Howling 5 October 2015 Maugrim Woods Troop Fenrir
Back to the Future 12 October 2015 Divinion Fields Weapon Sands of Time
Cow-a-bone-ga 19 October 2015 Wild Plains Troop Skeleros
Bomb Squad 26 October 2015 Zaejin Weapon Boom-Boom
Flame On! 2 November 2015 Pridelands Troop Salamander
Chain Reaction 9 November 2015 Sword's Edge Weapon Chain Flail
He Slimed Me 16 November 2015 Karakoth Troop Green Slime
Hammer Time 23 November 2015 Khaziel Weapon Goblin Hammer
Let It Snow 30 November 2015 Stormheim Troop Winter Imp
Chaos Reigns 7 December 2015 Ghulvania Weapon Chaos Blade
Gladiators 14 December 2015 Darkstone Troop Anointed One
Carol of the Bells 21 December 2015 Divinion Fields Weapon Slay Bells
Thunder Down Under 28 December 2015 Stormheim Troop Zephyros
Baby, You're a Firework 4 January 2016 Adana Weapon Spark Rocket 2.0.16
Feast of Fools 11 January 2016 Broken Spire Troop Gob-Chomper
Holy Grail 18 January 2016 Forest of Thorns Weapon Holy Grail
Little Hunt on the Prairie 25 January 2016 Wild Plains Troop Wild Fang
Fortissimo 1 February 2016 Pan's Vale Weapon Crescendo
Love is in the Air 8 February 2016 Grosh-Nak Troop Imp of Love
Grinding Gears 15 February 2016 Adana Troop Ghiralee
Swamp Thing 22 February 2016 Mist of Scales Troop Marsh Raptor
For Mercy's Sake 29 February 2016 Whitehelm Troop Mercy
Wyvern Watching 7 March 2016 Grosh-Nak Troop Wyvern
Burning Man 14 March 2016 Drifting Sands Troop Ifrit
Dragonheart 21 March 2016 Blighted Lands Troop Venbarak
Run! Run Away! 28 March 2016 Pan's Vale Troop Bunni'Nog
From the Depths 4 April 2016 Darkstone Troop Sea Troll
The Rune Factory 11 April 2016 Khaziel Troop Runesmith
Spring has Sprung 18 April 2016 Forest of Thorns Troop Spring Imp
Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright 25 April 2016 Pridelands Troop Rakshanin
Call to Valor 2 May 2016 Sword's Edge Troop Valor
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