Team Bonuses

Team Bonus Type 1 Goblin Captain
All troops gain +3 Armor and +1 Life for having 3 unique Goblin troops
Team Bonus Type 2 Goblin General
All troops gain +5 Armor, +1 Life and +1 Attack for having 4 unique Goblin troops

Troops List

Troop High King Irongut
High King Irongut
Troop Goblin King
Goblin King
Troop Queen Grapplepot
Queen Grapplepot
Troop Hellcackle
Troop Nobend Brothers
Nobend Brothers
Troop Princess Fizzbang
Princess Fizzbang
Troop Sir Snothelm
Sir Snothelm
Troop Goblin Rocket
Goblin Rocket
Troop Hobgoblin
Troop Ice Goblin
Ice Goblin
Troop Boar Rider
Boar Rider
Troop Bugbear
Troop Goblin Shaman
Goblin Shaman
Troop Goblin
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