There are 19 Factions in the Underworld, which is accessible after after completing the Sin of Maraj questline.


Below the realm of Krystara, there exists an Underworld where additional kingdoms, known as Factions can be unlocked after completing the Sin of Maraj questline. These kingdoms differ from the traditional ones of the world above in that they don't provide a gem mastery, nor a universal skill bonus, nor a specific tribute reward. The quest lines are shorter for factions than other kingdoms, there are no Challenges, there is no ability to Explore in a faction's kingdom, and so far there are no classes linked to a Faction and there are far fewer troops than other kingdoms.

Factions do have banners like other kingdoms and troops gain a kingdom bonus when used together. Each faction is also linked to one kingdom from the world above and all of the faction's troops benefit from their linked kingdom's bonuses. Factions also offer a new form of play called Delves, have a treasure Hoard which can be improved, and introduced a system of Renown for additional rewards.

Shield All-Seeing Eye
All-Seeing Eye
City of Thieves
Shield Crypt Keepers
Crypt Keepers
Shield Dark Pits
Dark Pits
The Deep Hive
Shield Fang Moor
Fang Moor
Frostfire Keep
Shield Hall of Guardians
Hall of Guardians
Lyrasza's Lair
Mirrored Halls
Shield Primal Rift
Primal Rift
Shield Sea of Sorrow
Sea of Sorrow
Shield Silver Necropolis
Silver Necropolis
Stonesong Eyrie
Shield Sunken Fleet
Sunken Fleet
Shield The Warrens
The Warrens
Wild Court


Underworld troops are generally shared with another Kingdom from Krystara, but they are only achieved from fighting in each delve, and subsequently using shards to purchase portals for your treasure hoard.

Here are the factions, and their related kingdom.

Faction Kingdom
All-Seeing Eye Darkstone
Amanithrax Zaejin
City of Thieves Leonis Empire
Crypt Keepers Sword's Edge
Dark Pits Mist of Scales
The Deep Hive Drifting Sands
Fang Moor Khetar
Frostfire Keep Stormheim
Hall of Guardians Whitehelm
Lyrasza's Lair Shentang
Mirrored Halls Glacial Peaks
Primal Rift Forest of Thorns
Sea of Sorrow Merlantis
Silver Necropolis Silverglade
Stonesong Eyrie Suncrest
Sunken Fleet Bright Forest
The Warrens Pan's Vale
Werewoods Urskaya
Wild Court Divinion Fields

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